Dhruv Kapoor’s Spring/Summer ‘25 co-ed runway show is a personal narrative tracing the journey from childhood to adulthood. The collection captures observations, innocence, desires, and curiosity through innovative ensembles. Nostalgia for summer projects made of old magazine cutouts is reimagined for the virtual age, reflecting a time when gender was irrelevant and natural feelings dominated. The show transitions to a modern landscape, aiming to captivate both the wearer and the world. The collection features an eclectic mix: borrowed dad shoes, oversized sibling pieces, slouchy 90s fits, flared jeans, vintage-inspired summer jorts, and tailored jackets made from cotton sheets. Visual contrasts of giant and petite, raw and tailored, sophisticated and rugged, create a nostalgic romance. This balance shows how childlike rebellion evolves into a mature understanding of self and the world, emphasizing the idea of building ourselves by borrowing from the past to face the future optimistically. Kapoor’s signature details include handcrafted embroideries from traditional Indian artifacts, elasticated waists, doodled florals, hand-painted grids, and engineered collage prints. Emotional triggers are evoked through colors, prints, shapes, and the key childhood mascot, a bunny, which appears in various forms on the garments. The interplay of materials—washed cotton poplin, upcycled denim, faux leather taffeta, glazed nylons, and recycled suiting—and colors, ranging from hyper brights to dull neutrals, highlights Kapoor’s inclusive approach, seamlessly blending youth and maturity. For this occasion, Kapoor continues partnerships with Italian shoemaker Marsèll, sustainable eyewear brand Junk Plastic Rehab, and eclectic jewelry brand Darkai, emphasizing creativity, craftsmanship, sustainability, and personal expression.  
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Peggy Gou wearing Schiaparelli on L'Officiel Italia #es_pr #es_prforschiaparelli #schiaparelli
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SCHIAPARELLI editorial out on Grazia Italia. The model is wearing RTW SS24 look 25 Styling: Selin Bursalioglu Ph: Olivier Desarte es_pr es_prforschiaparelli schiaparelli
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Dhruv Kapoor editorial out on Virtus Magazine. Styling: Oriana Maltese Ph: Maria Cristina Barbara es_prfordhruvkapoor dhruvkapoor
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Schiaparelli editorial out on Lampoon Magazine   #es_pr #es_prforschiaparelli #schiaparelli
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Villa Eugenie out on Door Magazine  “Com’era, così è” Interview by Marta Galli Photo by Frederik Vercruysse Special thanks to EIC #es_pr #es_prforvillaeugenie #villaeugenie
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Gabriele Colangelo editorial out on Numéro Switzerland.
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Schiaparelli editorials out on the last issue of L'Officiel Italia. #es_pr #es_prforschiaparelli #schiaparelli
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Schiaparelli editorial out on the last issue of L'Officiel Italia. #es_pr #es_prforschiaparelli #schiaparelli
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Woolrich editorial out on Style Magazine

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Schiaparelli editorial with Helena Christensen out on the last issue of Grazia Italia.

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Schiaparelli by Daniel Roseberry editorial cover out on the last issue of D la Repubblica Italia.
The supermodel Doutzen Kroes is wearing RTW SS24 #look 10
Styling: Jacob K 
Ph: Robin Galiegue 
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Schiaparelli editorial out on the last issue of Vanity Fair Italia.

The model wears RTW SS24 #look 19 Styling by Aurora Sansone Ph by Marcello Junior Dino #es_pr #es_prforschiaparelli #schiaparelli  
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'Under the Spotlight - FRED DE PALMA'

Italian singer Fred De Palma wears a total Dhruv Kapoor look on the Digital Cover of L'Officiel Hommes Italia, featuring a special on the Sanremo Festival. Styling by Floriana Serani #es_pr #eS_prfordhruvkapoor #dhruvkapoor
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SCHIAPARELLI editorial out on the last issue of Harper’s Bazaar Italia. The model is wearing RTW SS24 #look 11 Styling: Sissy Vian Ph: Nathaniel Goldberg #es_pr #es_prforschiaparelli #schiaparelli | Media Relations | Press Activities |      
Woolrich Jacket out on Grazia Italia, Jan 24 issue. Styling by Anna Sgura | Media Relations | Press Activities | #es_pr #es_prforwoolrich #woolrich    
‘Il 2024 sarà l’anno del Made in Italy’. Woolrich Black Label collection out on MF Fashion Cover ‘Todd Snyder fa sfilare a Pitti il suo gusto del modernismo sartoriale’. Woolrich Black Label collection review out on MF Fashion. A special thanks to Tommaso Palazzi | Media Relations | Press Activities | #es_pr #es_prforwoolrich #woolrich    
SCHIAPARELLI by Daniel Roseberry out on Harper’s Bazaar Italia. The model is wearing HC FW23/24 #look 9 Styling: Sissi Vian Ph: Nick Knight | Media Relations | Press Activities | #es_pr #es_prforschiaparelli #schiaparelli    
AlphaTauri out on Esquire Italia. @alphatauri @esquireitalia Styling by Luca Paolantico | Media Relations | Press Activities | #es_pr #es_prforalphatauri #alphatauri Discover more here:    
Hailey Bieber wearing Schiaparelli on the last issue of D La Repubblica. She is wearing RTW FW23 #look 21 Styling: Carlos Nazario Ph: Oliver Hadlee Pearch Thanks to Editor in Chief Emanuele Farneti | Media Relations | Press Activities | #es_pr #es_prforschiaparelli #schiaparelli    
COME INTO MY WORLD a story with Sophie Dominique wearing Gabriele Colangelo to embrace her fragility. | Media Relations | Press Activities | Showroom | #es_pr #es_prforgabrielecolangelo #gabrielecolangelo Discover more here:  
Tag Team New Way: in the name of the House of Elle! Dhruv Kapoor out on latestmagazine Print Issue Creative Director & Styling by Dildar Morgan | Media Relations | Digital Activities | #es_pr #es_prfordhruvkapoor #dhruvkapoor    
Gabriele Colangelo total look out on AMICA, styling by Michela Buratti, and MY MAGAZINE, styling by Karen Kaiser. | Media Relations | Press & PR Activities | #es_pr #es_prforgabrielecolangelo #gabrielecolangelo  
Schiaparelli SCHIAPARELLI out on the new issue of L’Officiel Italia L'OFFICIEL ITALIA : Couture shot featuring Look 25 from HC FW2324 Styling: Giulio Martinelli Ph: Vincent Flouret Actress Benedetta Porcaroli is wearing Look from RTW FW2324 31 Styling: Sarah Grittini Ph: Alessandro Treves Singer Jorja Smith wearing Schiaparelli mouth earrings from RTW FW2324 look 5 Styling: Sarah Cazeneuve Ph: Alan Gelati Thanks to Editor in Chief: Giampietro Baudo | Media Relations | Press & PR Activities | #es_pr #es_prforschiaparelli #schiaparelli Discover more here:
The new cover of Grazia Italia Grazia Italia out today with Miranda Kerr SCHIAPARELLI RTW FW2324 by Daniel Roseberry. Thanks to Editor in Chief: Silvia Grilli Styling: Oretta Corbelli Ph: Veronica Sams | Media Relations | Press & PR Activities | #es_pr #es_prforschiaparelli #schiaparelli        
SCHIAPARELLI by Daniel Roseberry  out on the Vanity Fair Italia cover with talent Italian singer Annalisa. Annalisa is wearing #look 20 from Ready To Wear Spring Summer 23. Moreover, Annalisa is wearing #look 10 from Ready to Wear Spring Summer 23 in the inside cover shooting. Editor in Chief: Simone Marchetti Styling: Susanna Ausoni + Pablo Patanè Ph: Nima Benati Make-up: Greta Agazzi Hair: Andrea Pirani | Media Relations | Press & PR Activities | Discover more here: #es_pr #es_prforschiaparelli #schiaparelli        
Gabriele Colangelo total look out on French Fries Magazine Styling by Peter Cardona @petercardona | Media Relations | Press & PR Activities | Discover more here: #es_pr #es_prforgabrielecolangelo #gabrielecolangelo      
Dhruv Kapoor Coat out on Oneg Magazine . Styling by Maria Teresa Strippoli. | Media Relations | Press & PR Activities | Discover more here: #es_pr #es_prfordhruvkapoor #dhruvkapoor      
FOLLOW ME HOME AlphaTauri Jacket out on Esquire Italia The New Male Issue 27. Photography: Tommaso Montenesi Posch Styling: Luca Paolantonio | Media Relations | Press & PR Activities | Discover more here: #es_pr #es_prforalphatauri #alphatauri    
AlphaTauri Jacket and Pull out on Icon Magazine. Styling by Ilario Vilnius. | Media Relations | Press & PR Activities | Discover more here: #es_pr #es_prforalphatauri #alphatauri      
AlphaTauri shirt, in technical fabric with lapels and short sleeves, out on D Repubblica La Repubblica . Styling by Francesca Ottaviani | Media Relations | Press & PR Activities | Discover more here: #es_pr #es_prforalphatauri #AlphaTauri      
Stanze in & out. Imbottiti, stuoie e luci in sintonia con la natura. Frette Divine bed set in linen satin & set of terry towels and cotton satin out on Living - Corriere della Sera , June issue 06. Photo by Beppe Brancato Styling by Studio Salaris | Media Relations | Press & PR Activities | Discover more here: #es_pr #es_prforfrette #frette    
Case Studies. Upgrade your travel experience with these sleek matching luggage sets, packed with fine details. Valextra Bags, vanity case, small and medium suitcase out on Wallpaper* Magazine Photography by Ivona Chrzastek Courtesy & Fashion by Jason Hughes | Media Relations |  Press & PR Activities | Discover more here: #es_pr #es_prforValextra #Valextra    
#BellaHadid wearing SCHIAPARELLI by Daniel Roseberry out on Vogue Italia May 2023 Issue. Photography by Carlin Jacobs Styling by Imruh Asha AI Artist Chad Nelson | Media Relations | Discover more here: #es_pr #es_prforschiaparellik #schiaparelli    
A stunning story about SCHIAPARELLI, featuring #DanielRoseberry in conversation with #AdrianadiLello , for the new issue of Harper's Bazaar Italia . Coverage here: | Media Relations | Press & PR Activities Special thanks to Daria Veledeeva.    
SCHIAPARELLI on the cover of Corriere della Sera “Liberi Tutti” Corriere della Sera . An outstanding feature with interview to #DanielRoseberry . Coverage here: | Media Relations | Press & PR Activities Special Thanks to Paola Pollo    
Kylie Jenner wearing Schiaparelli Haute Couture SS23 by Daniel Roseberry on the digital cover of  and in the inside shooting. Styling by Anna Dello Russo Ph by Luigi & Iango A huge thank you for Interview by Editor in Chief Simone Marchetti    
Portrait with Etienne Russo out on NSS Magazine “You see the trick you lose the magic” Special Thanks to the Editor Bernardo Savastano and EIC Walter D’Aprile  
Styling: Giorgia Cantarini Styling: Pablo Patanè Styling: Fashion Director Giulio Martinelli Styling: Ben James Adams      
Chiara Ferragni on the cover of MF Fashion wearing Schiaparelli Ready to Wear SS 23    
Palazzo Trussardi Reopening on today’s Cover of Corriere della Sera, “Liberi Tutti”. An outstanding feauture with interview to Trussardi CEO Sebastian Suhl revealing the house’s new fashion, food and culture hub at Piazza della Scala in Milan. Thanks to Maria Teresa Veneziani  and Daniela Monti    
Palazzo Trussardi Reopening out on WWD "Palazzo Trussardi Reopening as Lifestyle Hub of Fashion, Food, Culture Chief executive officer Sebastian Suhl said Trussardi is "providing Milan a unique community experience". The article include an interview to CEO Sebastian Suhl , mentioning all key aspects of the project, including a deep dive on each space of the Palazzo and the importance of creating a new lifestyle hub with respect for the past and a clear vision for the future. A special thanks to the Milan Chief Bureau Luisa Zargani      
After Japan, the RedBull group brand has opened its first flagship store in Great Britain, unveiling a capsule with Formula 1 driver Pierre Gasly. "The 2023 goal is to debut in the United States and move from 14 markets, in which we are currently present, to 20", CEO Ahmet Mercan told MFF. Cover story of MF Fashion reserved to AlphaTauri , for the store opening in London. Written by Alice Merli and courtesy of the editor in chief, Stefano Roncato, and chief news editor Chiara Bottoni.      
The interview. FinTECH Week 2022: Sebastian Suhl , CEO di Trussardi Alla Hong Kong FinTech Week, AMTD e L'Officiel presentano "Trussardi, the Future Between the Heritage and the Digital Space" una conversazione con il il CEO di Trussardi Sebastian Suhl. Sebastian Suhl's interview out on L'Officiel Global A special thanks to Giampietro Baudo and Simone Vertua      
We are glad to share here enclosed the editorial with Frette out on How to Spend It the november issue In continua trasformazione A special thanks to Nicoletta Ferrari      
We are glad to share the editorials dedicated to Frette out on Marie Claire Maison  the November issue. 1) Carnet Design Biancheria – a special thanks to Veronica Orsi 2) Colazione in camera – Styling by Nicolò Milella. A special Thanks to the EIC Csaba Dalla Zorza      
THE LYST INDEX is out! Take a look at the Fashion's Hottest Brands and Products Q3 2022 We are glad to work with LYST the new Index Q3 2022 released today sees the Italian excellence as protagonist within the ranking      
We are proud to share the ICON Magazine feature about Etienne Russo and Villa Eugénie. The interview is about Villa Eugénie founder Etienne Russo, talking about his career from the beginning to now. Creativity, passion, visions and outstanding productions are the core of the article. Etienne Russo: A VISIONARY MAN Ormai la notizia è nota. Villa Eugénie è una delle production company preferite dal mondo della moda e Etienne Russo ne è il suo padre fondatore e spirito guida. A huge Thank you to the Editor in Chief Andrea Tenerani Inteview: Mariuccia Casadio Styling: Ilario Vilnius Styling assistant: Federica Arcadio Photo: Simon171      
AC9 Fall Winter 22-23 out on Numéro Russia October Issue. Photographer: VALERIO VESCIO Styling: CARMELO CORVAIA      
Pleased to share the latest D La Repubblica with Schiaparelli Haute Couture FW 22 Look by Daniel Roseberry Styling: Jacob K Photographer: Paolo Roversi Courtesy of EIC: Emanuela Farneti      
There’s a new kid in the old part of town. Etienne Russo, the founder of the creative agency Villa Eugénie, and mastermind of some of the world’s most memorable fashion shows. ‘No Pain, No Gain. No Risk, No Champagne.’ Behind the scenes with the most behind-the-scenes man in fashion, Etienne Russo, show producer for Dries Van Noten, Dior Men, Chanel, Hermès, Givenchy, Miu Miu, Moncler and more.      
THE ES_PR FASHION WEEK STARTS WITH THE WOWNESS We are very pleased to share with you the new Issue of MFF Magazine with Schiaparelli cover story during Milan Fashion Week. The magazine feature an article of 8 pages with interview to Daniel Roseberry      
Welcome to Bally’s next chapter. On today’s MF Fashion  cover story the creative director Rhuigi Villaseñor speaks out about Bally’s new era and the brand’s debut on the catwalk of Milano Fashion Week